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    problem with creat PDF in adminui.

    barunbarik Level 1


         I have just install live cycle Pdf generator. installation log shows installation is successful.I have configure The things which I had to do,like installing

         windows office(2007),acrobat reader,change UAC.


      now  when I want to convert some word document(.doc) to pdf ,It fails to convert,It shows the following messege:




      Error Code:1000
      Error Message:

      Error message from the primary converter:
      ALC-PDG-001-000-Conversion of the input file failed because of an exception.
      An unexpected exception while resolving a new connection to an Adobe Service.

      Error message from the fallback converter:
      ALC-PDG-011-030-Submitted OpenOffice Document could not be converted to PDF. Either OpenOffice is not installed on this system or environment variable OpenOffice_PATH is not set to correct path. Please set OpenOffice_PATH environment variable to the <OpenOffice_Installation_Dir> on the server (e.g C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 3.0) and then restart the server.

      can any body trace the problem ? what I have to do to get successful convertion?

      Thanking you.

      Barun Barik