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    Adobe Flash Player Plugin crashes in ALL browsers while accessing webcam




      I am struggling to get my adobe flash player plug-in working while accessing webcam.
      It simply crashes in all browsers. I googled this issue and realized many users are facing this issue.
      However I did not get any solution to fix this. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling plug-in multiple times but of no use.


      Following are specifications:


      OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32 Bit) SP3
      Browsers: Internet Explorer (8.0), Chrome (8.0), Mozilla Firefix (3.0)
      Webcam: Dell monitor inbuilt webcam
      Flash Player version: 10,1,102,64


      Please note, the webcam is accessible through other applications (e.g. Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Windows Explorer)
      Also, Adobe Flash player doesn’t give any trouble while playing streaming videos on YouTube etc.


      Trouble is only when flash player tries to access webcam through any browser (eg. while "Record from Webcam" on YouTube)


      An interesting observation I like to note here, the device list that appears in the plug-in window is blank for both video/audio devices (See the area encircled  RED in the image below)

      Not sure, but just suspecting could this be potential reason for crash?

      Any advice would be appreciated.