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    Open Declarations(F3) doesnot work


      I dont know when I will understand Flash Builder properly.


      This is another tiresome attempt of mine to make work easy but always I end up messing my FB.


      My Scenario: I have an external source folder which is my main source folder. I am doing so because I am pointing my src folder in my repo and I donot want to mess my repo with the .project, .actionscript, etc files created by FB.


      My Problem: The open declarations (ctrl+click or F3) donot work for my custom components in above scenario. Also the automated proposals donot work(ctrl+space). But if I keep the project location as my repo folder they work fine, ofcorse which leads to other problems like my repo folder having the .project and other files over there which gradually leads to problems while pulling code from bitkeeper server.


      My Attempts: I have tried to close the project and restart the FB. I am tired to do any more attempts now on anything else.


      Some help from an Adobe employee will be really helpful. I went through an old fixed bug posted by Jason San Jose (http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-26049)

      but I cant understand if the fix is done or not.


      Thanks in advance