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    CartesianDataCanvas, CartesianDataMap, and LinearAxis

    _forumSteve Level 1

      I'm trying to draw a CartesianDataCanvas "backgroundElement" in a chart with two linear axis and I'm having a couple of issues.


      A CartesianDataCanvas is unable to map the bottom right coordinates to a linear axis. The CartesianDataMap only has "xMap" and "yMap" info about the top left point.


      Logically, I don't want the CartesianDataCanvas to be considered when calculating the min/max for the axis. However, by setting the "includeInRanges" to "true" it will include the necessary info. However, when the chart's "dataProvider" is changed, the old CartesianDataCanvas still affects the computed min and max of the axis. I tried setting the "backgroundElements" to null before changing the "dataProvider" with no success.


      Any ideas? Thanks