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    I cannot authorize my Kobo.


      My computer is authorized in my Adobe digital editions, but when I go to open a file on my Kobo, I get a message that the content I am trying to view is locked and than a message to use my adobe id to autorize my ereader with the Adobe Digital Editions. I am totally lost on this

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          I have exactly the same problem. Did you figure it out yet? I have tried everything, including calling the help line for my Kobo, and I cannot read files downloaded from the library but, can read free books downloaded from Kobo.

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            marieg18350358 Level 1

            I have now solved my problem. I re-read the manual and there is a trouble shooting section. It suggests that you check your date and time settings as this may cause a problem. Somehow my date and time settings on the Kobo had reverted to an incorrect date even though I had set them and when I changed them to today's date and time I was then able to view new files I downloaded to the Kobo. The files I had tried before did not seem to work ... so, I simply transferred them again and all is now well. Hope this works for others.

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              I had exactly the same problem - took some advice from another post and this is what I did

              Shut down ADE

              Reset the defaults on my Kobo.(under advanced you can reset to factory settings)

              Started my Kobo up fresh and reset date/time etc.

              Launched my Kobo app and resynced. - at the same time Started up ADE

              - for the first time it actually asked me if I wanted to authorize my device (this had never happened on previous attempts)

              Said Ok

              everything works fine now.

              My thoughts -

              At some point the ADE had left some lingering presence on the Kobo enought to make it think that it was not detecting a new device.

              Wiping out the folders and digital edition files did not seem to be enough to re-trigger the authorization code to ask me  again (not that it ever had!).

              Good luck.



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                marieg18350358 Level 1

                Thanks ... it was in fact the date and time.