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    Cannot install update or uninstall old files


      Updater requested to install latest version of reader, however would never actually do anything when it was given permission.


      Tried to do it manually by uninstalling reader 9.4.  Received various error messages, all along the lines of:


      Error 2203. Database :C\windows\installer\afdb8.ipi.

      Cannot open database file. System error - 2147287035


      The only thing that changed was the file name (afdb1, afdb2, afdb9 etc etc)


      Now the downloader will not install due to this error; I cannot find any part of adobe reader on the entire computer (haven't touched registry), adobe files will not recognise any reader active, but windows uninstaller insists it is still there (though it can't seem to find it either)


      I have even tried a restore point but that failed due to an adobe file being unable to be restored.


      Is there any sensible (not a drive format) way of removing anything remotely adobe so i can reinstall all my adobe applications ?


      Thanks in advance


      Edit: using windows 7

      Edit 2: latest error....