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    Lines looks terrible after zooming/panning flash cs4


      Hi, sorry I'm kinda new here. I have this problem which was bugging me for a while in flash cs4, I've never used other flash programs other than cs4 so I'm not sure if the problem is also present in the previous versions.


      So here is the problem, I don't use flash to animate, but I use flash to compile my animations. Therefore the files are all imported from their psd files into bitmap images. Most of the stuff works fine, cept maybe some sound issues (exported sounds in flash sound terrible, kinda hollow... is there a fix for that as well?) But I usually just export the soundless file and then put the sound in after effects together with the video, which works; but hopefully there's a less roundabout way to do it. In any case, the main problem is that when I zoom the files, or pan it. The original crisp lines becomes pixelated (kind like there's ants crawling in them...). Here's hoping there's a way to fix this issue. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD3jasU2Gjw (the panning*last shot* doesn't have the problem here as much as it did for the other videos, but the first shot should be pretty obvious, notice the lines.)


      Please help I really need to solve this problem, if it can't be solved I might consider switching programs, but truth be told I would still love to stay with using flash for its nesting capabilities, psd support and that I'm nowhere near as familiar with other programs like toonboom/animestudio as I am with flash.

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          Welcome to the horrid program flash. Well if you can use after effects or premier (or you should) for this. The pros do. Bit maps will look bad when you zoom since they are not vector. If you import larger bitmaps it will look better, but take up space. Sounds can be set to stream or other settings to sound better, if you are not using flash for vectors just avoid it, I am stuck using it with a very powerful pc, and it still freezes and crashes.

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            dtauer Level 2

            Firstly the sound issue can be fixed by changing your sound publish settings (they are set to compress the audio quite a bit by default).  Choose File > Publish Settings.  Go to the Flash tab.  You'll see two sound settings (Stream and Event).  Go ahead and change them both.  You can keep the compression set to MP3, but increase the bitrate.  You should get a better result.


            As for your lines, I agree with JayRoot.  You'll want to make sure your strokes are vector artwork. If you are importing them from Photoshop, they're probably getting converted to bitmap images. If the layers are shape layers, you can tell the importer to keep them vectored. 

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              seKainoHikari Level 1

              Thanks for the advice. I know this is not the right place to ask this but for after effects, how do you compile an animation without them all becoming separate layers with each frame? Or is one frame per layer animation actually normal for after effects? Won't it get very cluttered when the amount gets too large? For example, if I were to toggle the visibility of a specific sequence of animations; for flash, I would just need to turn off one layer/guide layer if for publishing. But for after effects I would have to toggle the visibility off for each and every layer I don't want, isn't that right (not that it's a big chore to just turn everything off but is there a better way to do this? Making everything in separate layers might affect nesting as well...)? Or am I just misconcepted somewhere, please help, thank you.


              I've used premiere pro previously. It was great but for me it crashes all too often and that the exported video quality really sucks, not forgetting that the filesize for compressed videos are unusally large as compared to rendering out in flash/after effects with the same compression settings. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not but due to those issues I've stopped using premiere pro (unless there's a fix for that, because from what i recall it was a really nice and easy program to use.)


              sorry to be a bother><;; I really hope that the quality could be as good as possible, especially so since everyone on the team worked so hard on these, sacrificing their free time, balancing school, part time jobs and real life along with the project (I only did the animation, bits and parts of the lineart, storyboards, animatic, colour scheme, effects and compilation. colouring and shading's*simple but tedious job* done by others, voice acting as well.). We aren't pros, nor are we working together in a single venue. We are just kids (most of us are below twenty, with the majority being from 14-17 range, I'm 18 btw, lol.) from all over the world coming together through the internet trying to realize a single dream, with no budget whatsoever (we can't have one anyway, it's a non profit project). So it'll be great if advice from adults such as you guys could be given to us. Because if not all the effort's that the kids have been putting in so far for nearing a year could be ruined with bad quality issues and such... And I really don't want that to happen. Thank you.

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                seKainoHikari Level 1

                Thank you, I'll be sure to try that out!