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    Flex4: multilanguage and resizing


      I worked a lot to make flex3 app resizable when the user change the locale. But now we have to migrate to Flex 4 (for RTL, mostly) and it seems

      a lot of works is required. Is there any right directions to follow ?


      for example, if I use s:combobox with some data, the user open the dropdown, then I change the content of the combobox dataprovider, then the

      user open again the combobox. At this point, the dropdown does not resize to fit its content and show an ugly horizontal scrollbar. Bad.


      more generally, it seems that flex (3 or 4) follow this rule "widgets fit their container", but we want "containers fit their content". Why this

      is not implemented ? Why datagrid cannot simply switch from a mode to another, resizing perfectly to show every items in every columns ?