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    I am blind, so I have no right to culture.


      I'm blind and Adobe Digital Editions I can not hear the reading of books pdf.

      I own the Jaws palicacioin I read what appears on the screen of my PC, so I can get to use, albeit slowly, almost all computing applications, but some, like this from Adobe Digital Editions works in which no have not been adapted to be heard. Only you can see.

      In case of a blind life is sad but feel sad part is forgotten by the world around you and even more by entities such as Adobe closes the door to culture, relegating to second place blind to the rest society.

      Law and Equality, where are you that sometimes is so harc to find you?

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          Technology takes time and money to develop not laws and and a sense of entitlement or equality as you put it. As you are probably aware gun manufacturers and automakers have not been able to provide equality yet either although if you lobby hard enough I am sure you can get some legislation passed. While I am sorry for your disabiltiy I dont think ragging on Adobe is any solution.