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    Pause Streaming Audio

      I'm trying to pause streaming audio with a "pause" button. However, when I click the "play" button, the audio begins a few seconds after where it stopped.

      My theory is that the "pause" button isn't recording where the audio stopped playing; it's actually recording where the audio stopped loading. So if ten seconds of audio has played, but twenty seconds of audio has loaded, the "pause" button will record the pause position as twenty seconds, and the play button will start the audio at twenty seconds.

      Does that sound like a reasonable theory? Does anyone know how this might be fixed?

      Here's my code:

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          Marcello_Mastroianni Level 1
          Looks like my theory was wrong! When I hit the "pause" button, it records a number that corresponds to a point in the audio stream, but that number does not correspond to the point at which the audio stream was paused -- it's somewhere between two to five seconds later. I have no explanation as to why this is!

          So I guess my revised question is: has *anyone* been able to get the "pause" and "play" buttons to work properly with *streaming* audio? I've come across some comments that suggest that it might not be possible, but I've never seen it explicitly stated that it's not possible.

          In other words: should I give up?