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    Lines on my video


      I basically have videos of drawings that I speed up but when I export it as a movie file, no matter what format I use I get these lines across my video (usually when there's a lot of motion happening) where it appears to have merged 2 frames together.


      I've had a look at the frame blending option and that is off, I've tried changing the field option of each clip to always deinterlace and none of these seem to have any effect on it.  I'm not an expert on video software or formatting or anything so I really don't have much of a clue how to stop these lines from appearing.




      help anyone?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Just to make sure that I am following you, you are animating stills with the fixed Effect>Motion>Position. You are seeing this degrading where you have applied a Transition between two animated stills. Is this correct?


          First, what size are the stills, in pixel x pixel dimensions?


          What format are the stills in, JPEG?


          You have output with Frame Blend OFF. Have you tried with Frame Blend ON?


          As the stills should not be Interlaced upon Import, can you tell us both where you are seeing this degradation (after Export and playback), and also what your Export settings are?


          Good luck,




          PS - welcome to the forum.

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            m3rcuri Level 1

            Oh no, I'm making videos out of videos so for example, I'm making this from video that is recorded off my monitor:




            The original recorded videos are mp4 format and I'm speeding them up and making wmv files.


            I don't see any degredation during playback and my export settings, erm , I just use the the preset called HD 720p 25


            I hope this info helps!


            and thanks for the welcome

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              Powered by Design Level 4

              What software are you using to capture while you are drawing ?


              Post a screen shot using G-Spot of the file you are using.


              Also show a screen shot of your sequence settings.


              Maybe you are not using the correct sequence settings.


              The video looks good. Except for the lines that your getting.



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                m3rcuri Level 1

                Eep, I'm so sorry, I just realised I posted this in the wrong forum.. I don't know how that happened o_o


                I'm actually using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 - Is there any way to move this thread or should I just make a new one?  I suppose the questions are still relevant though?


                I'm using Procaster from livestream.com to capture videos


                With G-Spot:



                The source file doesn't have these lines though


                I have no idea how to find the sequence settings but maybe that's because it's a Pro thing rather than an Elements thing?


                As from what I can see, because it's sped up, it's actually merging 2 frames (so alternating the lines from each frame?) when I'd rather it just drop one frame

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The Preset is slightly different between PrE and PrPro. In PrE, it is the Project Preset, and should match your source footage 100%, just like Sequence Presets in PrPro. In PrE, there are no Sequences, but instead just one Project Timeline - still, when one does New Project, the specs. of the source footage should be matched, as closely, as is possible.


                  I will see if Jeff, or another MOD, can move this post to the PrE forum.


                  There are similarities between the programs, but probably too many differences, to continue here.


                  Good luck,



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                    m3rcuri Level 1

                    Thank you so much! I basically just changed the project preset and that fixed everything!

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news!


                      Glad that things are now working fine for you.


                      Happy editing,