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    I have a Quadro 4000 -and- a GTX-580

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      Hello. I am finishing up building an i7-950 system for my 5th year college kid daughter. She asked me for a new machine because her old one can no longer keep up with her demands. The main application that she needs it for is 3ds Max 2011, but she also uses CS5.


      I have been surprised to find a lot of positive reviews concerning the use of the GTX series video cards for workstation use. Some have posted that the GTX-480/570/580 cards may even outperform the some of the better Quadro cards.


      So I got one of each to try. I first installed the Quadro 4000. By the way, this is a Christmas present, which is a "sort of" surprise, and therefore I can't load up any or her applications until Christmas day. I did however run several benchmarks. The results were quite surprising and confusing. I was hoping to get some help here.


      The first bechmark I ran was 3DMark 11, which of course is gaming benchmark. The result with the Quadro 4000 was VERY poor. The score was P2265 which is literally one tenth that of the top scores. Frame rates averaged less than 10 FPS and very jerky. This didn't seem right considering the high-end equipment.


      Next I ran Specviewperf 11, which according to Quadro tech support is the benchmark I should be concerned about. And in fact is does run this one very well. The scores I got compared very favorably with the published norms:   http://www.spec.org/gwpg/gpc.data/vp11/summary.html


      Next, I removed the Quadro, totally removed all it's drivers, and installed the GTX-580 and the latest drivers off the Nvidia site. I ran 3DMark 11 again and of course the results were much improved over the Quadro, but still disappointing at P6061. Then I ran Specviewperf 11. I was amazed to find that it would barely even run at all! VERY slow frame rates in all but one of the tests. And equally concerning, some of the images were so poor as to be totally unusable for design work. The detail that was visible with the Quadro was totally gone with the GTX-580.


      If I hadn't seen y'all praising the GTX cards, I would have totally dismissed them as un-usable. Obviously I'm missing or overlooking something. I was hoping to get some help here.


      I'll only have both cards for a few more days, then I'll have to give one of them up. If you have any tests you'd like me to run, PLEASE let me know ASAP.


      I would sincerely appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!