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    After Effects 6.5 Pro Won't Open

    Watchman KW

      In 2004 I bought and installed Adobe Video Collection Professional Version 2.5 on my Windows computer.  Since then I have used all of the programs except the After Effects.  Last week, for the first time, I went to open AE.  When I clicked on the icon on my desktop, the AE window opens, and the program goes through the motions of loading whatever it loads to start up the software.  When it was done the window closed, and I found myself staring at the desktop.


      I have removed the AE software and reloaded it from the disk.  I thought that perhaps since 2004 there might have been a file that might have been deleted by mistake.  I get the same results.  I have searched this and other forums for an answer and have not found one that works.  Someone, please help... I was hoping to complete the editing of my daughter's wedding before Christmas the end of the year.


      P.S. - I am not a computer geek, so please offer any advice with simple instructions.  I do appreciate those of you that are.