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    How can I find the duplicate property in Design mode error?


      I am using FlashBuilder 4 on a project that was originally developed in Flex 3. I am running Flash Builder 4 on Windows 7, 64 bit version.


      My Flash Builder application has many mxml files. In all but 2, Design mode works fine. However, Design mode doesn't work for two files. Both show a tooltip with the message "Model Edit failed: The same property cannot appear twice" accompanied by an error icon. For one of these files, the user interface is displayed, but all controls are disabled. For the other, only a blank gray panel appears.


      Both of these files import user interface components from other mxml files.


      How can I find out which property appears twice?


      Is there an error log somewhere that will idntify the property?


      Or can I run Flash Builder 4 in a special mode that will expose the duplicate property name?