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    After Effects Render Farm CS5

    Daz1761 Level 1



      I have just set up a mini rendering farm, well, basically my MacBook Pro is the master and my 8 core MacPro is 1 node.  I have the CS5 Master Suite set up on both computers both up to date.


      After finding some instructions on the Adobe help website, I set my MacPro to watch a folder called "AE Watch Folder" on my Netgear network HD, the MacPro and the Netgear are hard wired to a gigabit switch.


      I tried 2 sequences at the same time using collect folders and it worked spot on, i could see the progress by using Apple Remote Desktop 3.3.


      After deleting the folder on the network hd, i tried rendering all 8 sequences then i monitored the MacPro and seen it was searching for all the files, after waiting 5 mins it kept repeating the process reading the same files over and over again, so then i cancelled the watch selected watch folder again and then it started rendering? Basically got it working but with lots of fiddling.


      All files rendered okay but was wondering if theres is a proper technique i should be carrying out when i do the same task again, which will be soon.  I thought maybe because i was messing around binning files out of the watch folder on the network drive?


      Also how will it work when i add another node to the network which is going to happen soon, does it divide the workload up?  Also can you do the same process with Premiere Pro CS5 as i need to put all the rendered files in premiere and stitch them all together but i don't fancy waiting years for my MacBook Pro to render lol.


      P.s all files were encoded using Quicktime Apple Intermidiate Codec.