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    Adobe programs force quit


      This is actually happening to all CS5 (master collection), but After Effects is my favorite program so i decided to ask here.  I recently had problems with my mac, and had to reinstall OSX.  After the reinstall, most programs stopped working, but I easily fixed this with a quick reinstall of those programs.  The only problem I have is that the Adobe Application manager won't open, so the only way that I can see to replace CS5 is to basically rip them off my hard drive.  I'm nervous though, when I reinstall the programs will my serial number still work?  I am not paying for a second serial for sure.  Any suggestions much appreciated!




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          Please use the CS5 Clean Script from the support pages to remove all apps properly, then reinstall. Serialization/ Activation is separate from installing and will not be affected. If it ever should, phone support is your friend and can manage any mess you may have server-side.