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    Premiere Pro CS5 Vst Plug ins

    Daz1761 Level 1



      Iv'e just upgraded from CS4 to CS5 master suite and have noticed premiere pro is not recognising any of my vst plug ins like it did with CS4.


      Is there something iv'e goto enable in the preferences?


      Many thanks

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          tfi productions 44 Level 1



          most people will ask you to double check that your vst's are 64 bit native


          ppro needs everything to be 64 bit


          a lot of vendors now do offer 64 bit versions of their plug ins.



          after making sure the vst is 64 bit and it still doesn't load into  ppro

          then you need to verify exactly where, into which directory, the vst gets placed

          (the manufacture can tell you this)


          hopefully this helps,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I believe that Jeffery has probably nailed the VST issue with CS5. If CS4, or earlier, recognized them, they are likely all 32-bit. If they ARE the 64-bit, I would contact the authors, and ask.


            Good luck,



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              Daz1761 Level 1

              Thanks for the info guys!


              Ah, bugger, yes they are all 32 bit and quite old hat now, i mainly use Audio Units within Logic Pro 9 so I have a few 64bit stuff, the VST folder just has some older plug ins that I don't own anymore.


              Oh well...Will have to do any posh audio stuff in Logic Pro instead


              Thanks again!

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Yes, the 64-bit aspect is a double-edged sword. One gets better performance, and access to more RAM and resources, BUT, with a full 64-bit app., 32-bit "stuff" just usually will never work. This can apply to VST's, CODEC's, plug-ins, and more. In the cases of the latter two, it is usually only a matter of time, before the authors issue updated, 64-bit versions. With some VST's, it'll be the same, though for those authored in someone's basement... only time will tell.


                Good luck,