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    Copying data from 1 datagrid to another


      My apologies if this is a dumb question, but i'm fairly new to Flex


      I'm making a flex 4, php/zend web app and i'm busy working on an online shop for Ebooks. Got most of it working but i'm having trouble getting the shopping cart to work properly.

      This is where I wanna be eventually; I display my books in a datagrid, and i want the customers to be able drag a book from the datagrid to the shopping cart (which is also a datagrid).  After that, if you go to the checkout page, there's a datagrid as well, and I want to display the items that were dragged into the shopping cart datagrid.

      So basically, everything that's dropped in the shopping cart, should also be in the checkout datagrid (which is actually on another view of my viewstack). I tried to bind the dataprovider of the checkout datagrid to the id of the shopping cart datagrid, but i reckon, since there's no 'refresh' or anything, that wouldn't work, and it doesn't


      So if anyone has an idea, shoot!

      Thnx in advanced! And happy holidays