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    Scrim / Spinner For Adobe Air Mobile Apps?

    Laxidasical Level 1

      I'm in the process of learning Adobe Air for mobile devices.  I'm using Flash Builder Burrito.  I didn't have any previous experience with Flash Builder or ActionScript, but I'm finding it very easy to use (I do have 11 years of programming experience).  I'm stumped on something that's usually built into most other mobile platforms -> How do you create a scrim & spinner???  For those who may be wondering what I'm referring to, it's when your screen is dimmed and a revolving or spinning icon is displayed to show that your app is busy.


      I tried the following...


      1) Create a group that covers the entire view

      2) Change the background color of the group to black and alpha to .5

      2) Add a spinner image to the group

      3) Set the "enable" property of the group to true/false depending on if I wanted it displayed or not


      This didn't work at all.  Any suggestions would be great!!!