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    progressie download stopp

    nik c
      Is it possible to stop progressive download once it has gone underway? I need to display 9 screens with video on it and am looking for a way of getting a first frame of each on the page as soon as possible. Is there a way of stopping the download until the user clicks on the video to play it back?

      All i need initally are the first few seconds.


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          Greg Dove Level 4
          You didn't say whether you were using a FLVPlayback component or not.
          I haven't done it, but I've read about the possibility here:

          That's using an instance of the NetStream class directly. I don't know whether it works with the FLVPlayback component. Perhaps its also possible using a similar approach.
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            nik c Level 1


            Yes, we are using the component, I believe, - my colleague who put that in has left for today. I am experimenting with it now, and the link you sent is what I am looking for.

            So just a matter fo getting it to work...

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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Great... good luck, please post back to let us know if it works also with FLVPlayback.
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                nik c Level 1
                thanks, GWD, will do,
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                  I managed to halt a progressive download using the FLVPlayback by setting the contentPath to a dummy.flv file which was about 1kb. I also mentioned that I believed that the solution using activeVideoPlayerIndex did not work, this may have worked had I not been running fiddler at the same time.

                  What I have discovered is this, if you use a http debugging proxy, in my case fiddler. Once the download has started, it continues to download even if I set the contentPath to something else. If I trace out my bytesLoaded from the progress event of the FLVPlayback instance when fiddler is turned off, flash does report that only one file is downloading, in this case the dummy.flv which is instant, the previous flv is no longer downloading.

                  I hope this helps anyone else in the future.
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                    Thanks, Flyer,

                    I am not using a proxy, or anything like this, and I am currently trying setting the contentPath to a dummy with the flvplayback Component.

                    I'll report back if it works. I am halve way there, maybe finished within the next couple of days (that's trying to fit it in, shouldn't take that long to code... ;)