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    hauppauge HD PVR problems with M2TSfiles quality output

    arthurroell Level 1

      I bought recently a hauppauge HD PVR. This hauppauge  records my X-box 360 gameplay in M2TS-files/1080i.

      I edit these files with PE9. Importing files to PE9 works all right, quality is acceptable,

      but burning the files to a DVD the files loose much quality. It looks blurred and it flickers.

      At this moment I have the trail version of PE9 and I doubt now about buying this program, because

      the quality of de DVD's is so poor. Are these problems due to PE9 itself, or some wrong settings,

      or do I have to buy a blue ray burner (which I would prefer not to) to get a better quality?

      Thanks if you could help me soon.