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    Frame Skip on MPEG2-DVD Export with 24fps source file to 23.976


      I'm trying to solve an issue that I've been having for the past week on a DVD I'm hoping to get to the factory for replication by New Years.


      My source file is a TRUE 24.00fps 1080p Quicktime Uncompressed (it was shot on film, and originally released on film...that's why it's true 24 instead of 23.976)


      I put it in a 720x480 24fps sequence in Premiere CS5, and exported as an MPEG2-DVD for my upcoming DVD.  I used the following settings:


      Quality 5

      Frame Rate: 23.976

      Field Order: Progressive

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9

      Render At Maximum Depth


      VBR 1-Pass

      Min: 2.8

      Target: 6

      Max: 9


      GOP Settings:

      M Frames: 3

      N Frames: 12


      The resulting DVD always seems fine when I'm playing it, the motion and field order look great.  But in the exact same scene with a heavy-motion steadicam shot through a hallway, there always seems to be a frame skipping.  An entire frame that just goes missing for no apparent reason.  It is not a consistent frame....it changes every time I encode, but it is always within 2 or 3 seconds of the same place in the movie.  The wierd part is the movie doesn't seem to fall out of sync....this frame just disappears.


      Any help would be much appreciated.  This is driving me up a wall!!!!



      Doron Kipper

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