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    Adobe Reader X won't download

    golden 1222

      Hi all,


      I am a Windows XP Home SP3 user with Kaspersky 2011 antivirus software.  I went to the Adobe Reader download page and clicked on the download link, which took me to the "Downloading Adobe Reader" page.  After giving the website permission to download the program, a box came up with a progress bar which had "Installing Adobe Download Manager" written above it.  The progress bar had 5 green dashes that circled through it a couple times before the box disappears.  Adobe Reader X and Adobe Download Manager have not been installed on my computer.  I even tried disabling Kaspersky, but that didn't work either.  The really strange thing is that Adobe Reader X installed just fine on my VAIO laptop, which has Trend Micro antivirus software but is identical to my desktop in every other way.  Can someone help me?