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    Authorization device issue

    bookeen user

      Connect the supported eReader device to your computer and launch Digital Editions.

      The e-Reader is a Bookeen Cybook gen 3. Digital Editions was downloaded and authorized with the computer.

      Digital Editions DOES NOT automatically detect the presence of my device and offer to authorize it.

      Can not download books, as the device is not listed in the shelves.

      We have installed  and reinstalled.Worked for hours... No error messages appear.

      Is it possible to authorize the device manually?

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          CrevuM Level 1

          I have exactly the same problem, and question. I have an Avlabs 992.

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            CrevuM Level 1

            I contacted Tech help and logged a report. The reply came back that my ereader is not supported by ADE. So, technically, I can't authorise ADE on my ebook reader and, thus, read the books I've purchased legally using their platform.


            I have found a way to unlock the DRM (just look on the net!) and I can now read my purchased book. This method, of course, allows piracy to occur but, to be clear, I am not advocating that. But the method has allowed me to access my book.


            The instructions aren't always clear on the web - but I did find a thread on a site that was pretty simple to follow (in the end!). If you want to bypass the complexity email me at adedrmsolution@gmail.com and I'm happy to share it with you.


            Again, I'm not advocating piracy - just a way forward till the day Adobe supports my ereader!