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    HTMLLoader.pdfCapability showing "wrong" error. Help?!


      Hello all,


      Just started trying to use the AIR HMTL component with its HTMLLoader. Tried to load/view a pdf doc. Seems to recognize the doc, but all it displays is a black region. In other words, the HTMLLoader area goes from white to black after attempting to load the PDF.


      Checking the HTMLLoader.pdfCapability shows 3202: ERROR_INSTALLED_READER_TOO_OLD


      The problem: I just paved my hard-drive with a new Windows install. The only Adobe Reader that's on my system is a fresh version of:


      Adobe Reader X (10)


      How can this reader be too old? I'm beginning to guess that the system is possibly reading "X" as the version, rather than 10, and so it thinks it's too old?! Can this actually be happening?


      Also, i'm not receiving any ErrorEvent from the htmlLoader upon load. It seems to load and/or try to load something as the area goes black. Trying to load other random files does not yield that result.


      I'm using the trial version of FlashBuilder 4.


      Any help VERY appreciated, especially pronto.


      Thanks much in advance.