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    Code Navigator Issue.


      Hi - I have just installed DW and pasted some web page source code into the main window. The problem is whenever I click any where in the code window I get the code navigator popping up. I tried disabling it as mentioned in the help topic by clicking the check box but nothing works. The only way I can get rid of it is by pressing the 'Esc' Key, which is very annoying as it appears every time I click the cursor somewhere blocking my whole view. Is it necessary to restart your MAC after installing Adobe Collection, because I went onto install other third party apps, could that be the reason why this is happening. When I called technical support they advised me that it was not neccessary and have since spent a number of days installing the rest of my apps. Could someone please advise me - thanks, Adam

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          I haven't come across this problem. However, it sounds as though the preference isn't being saved. You can edit the preferences manually. Close Dreamweaver, and open /Users/your_username/Library/Preferences/Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Prefs in a text editor.


          Locate the following line in the [GENERAL PREFERENCES] section:


          show code navigator popup=TRUE


          Change it to this:


          show code navigator popup=FALSE


          Save the file. The next time you start Dreamweaver, the Code Navigator should remain hidden.

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            Z_Adam Level 1

            Hi - thank you for your reply. When I checked the file it already had that line :



            migrated prefs=TRUE

            discover dynamic related docs method=manual

            max number of history steps=50

            paste special default retain line breaks=TRUE

            use doc tabs=TRUE

            typing onidle delay=333

            show code navigator popup=FALSE



            If I call up tech support would this count as an incidence?

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              David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

              Z_Adam wrote:


              If I call up tech support would this count as an incidence?

              I have no idea. I'm not sure how tech support operates (apart from not very well, according to the experience of many people who have complained here).


              When Dreamweaver acts erratically, the most common cure is to close Dreamweaver and delete your personal configuration folder. When you restart the program, it creates a fresh configuration folder using all the factory defaults. The location of your personal configuation folder is described here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/494812.

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                Z_Adam Level 1

                Unfortunately that too didn't work, I guess I am left wit no option but to wipe clean my drive and to reinstall everything from scratch for the nth time ^%$%*

                But thank you for your suggestions I have learnt new things about configuration with your help