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    Unlock hidden folder?


      Hello again


      Merry Xmas from Oz!


      Thx to all who helped me with my installation problems. A new i7 laptop & your help resolved the issues.  I have commenced using PE8 and burnt my 1st DVD and am very happy, however, my PE8 only comes with limited menu options and templates.I have checked the installation disk and it only has a few features.


      So, I have downloaded the PE8 Adobe Content Installer and have managed to upzip the files. It has two HD folders for menu and templates. This is where I get stuck and hope you can shed some light yet again!


      I have managed to do two things:


      1. Extract folders into C:\Progam Files\Adobe PE8\DVD Templates, and

      C:\Progam Files\Adobe PE8\DVD Themes.


      All folders seem to be...hidden and locked! You cannot see the folders in general view but you can if you are are saving something else and 'see' the locked folders. Q: How does one unlock the folders?


      2. I've copied the theme and template folders from another unzipping program and saved it in their respective folders in C:\Progam Files\Adobe PE8\DVD Templates, and  C:\Progam Files\Adobe PE8\DVD Themes. Everything seems to be there but, when I open the software, it does not pick it up.