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    imagesnapshot quality

    tkaboris Level 1
      I am taking 28 original images and making a "thumbnail picture collage" out of it for printing.  I dont get the crisp quality in generated collage images, compared to originals.  Here are my function, can somebody help me improve my snapshot? Thanks
      private function createImages(object:Object):void
      progress.text = "Start Generating Images ( "+(index+1)+" - 28 )";
      images_array.push(ImageSnapshot.captureImage(album.tilesList[index],300,new PNGEncoder()));
      private function uploadImage(snapshot:ImageSnapshot,name:String):void
      var ba:ByteArray = snapshot.data;//PNGEnc.encode(snapshot);
      //send data as normal files
      ba.position = 0;
      var ID:String = name;
      var filename:String = ID+".png";