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    Changing ADE authorization OR does it matter that ADE authorized email address differs from Nook's?


      This morning I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to the family Mac while my wife's new Nook was charging.  Not thinking it would matter, when ADE asked me to authorize our Mac, I had it authorize my email address, which is different from my wife's email address.  We downloaded a book from the library, and ADE now wants me to authorize my wife's Nook using my email address.  My wife doesn't want to do that -- we think that it will be easier for her to use her own email address/password when dealing with her Nook.  I've uninstalled ADE three times, but now it automatically authorizes my email address without giving me an option of using my wife's. 


      Has anyone encountered this problem and resolved it?  Specifically, is there a way I can change the authorized ADE email address to match the email address associated with my wife's Nook?  If not, does it matter that they have different email address associated with them?  Thanks in advance.