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    flash activex version problem


      dear all

      my problem is as follows, please bear with me:

      i have a vb6 application which uses flash activex control to show swf files on my forms.

      when using flash10d.ocx (which was the latest at the time i first used it) everything worked fine and all flash files did their thing...

      since new versions of the ocx file have been released my app doesnt work properly anymore (some of the flash files appear distorted/dont refresh/resize properly, some doesnt appear at all.)


      i know that i can uninstall any version and re-install my flash10d.ocx. and if do, everything works fine again.

      but that cannot be a solution, cause my end users might (rightfully) want to be updated with the latest flash they can have. and i dont even have direct contact with any of them...

      any side-by-side installation i tried ended-up with vb using the latest version intalled, ignoring the older one


      any comment and direction will be greatly appreciated, i've been crawling the web for some time now...finding absolutely zilch


      thanx a lot in advance