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    Amplitude Envelope Process


      I'm having major trouble using the Amplitude Envelope effect for correcting dropouts during audio restoration.


      The more graphic approach and the ability to add inflection points appeared to be a great improvement at first. BUT, the way it's set up in AA4 makes the  envelope adjustment process much more cumbersome and imprecise compared with the simple numerical fade pane of AA for Windows.


      1. There's no way to set a POSITIVE gain point within an envelope. You have to fiddle with the overall gain (in dB) as a starting point.


      2. Adjusting the keyframe points as a PERCENTAGE (rather than dB) is a confusing inconsistency.


      3. The waveform doesn't reflect envelope adjustments until after it is applied. Visual matching of endpoint amplitudes would be of major benefit.



      This effect is unusable as it stands. If any of the above points are too difficult to improve, I'd vote for inclusion of the old fade pane as an option.