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    Contribute CS3 locks up iMac


      Have a friend who has been in meltdown for over a year with this problem - running Contribute CS3 on an iMac 1.83gz. with 1 gig of ram on a cable modem through a Linksys router. She can edit, but when it comes to publishing her site, the program locks up her computer and her internet connection. Only solution we have found is that she shut down the computer, pull the power plug on the router and the cable modem. I found that when I ran the connection directly from her cable modem to her computer that Contribute CS3 works fine. When I plug in the router again, same problems. Any idea what might be causing this - I read that others were having problems with their firewalls and I know that the router has a hardware firewall built in. Everything else on her computer works with the router including web access and e-mail. Just this one problem that hangs up. Any input greatly appreciated.

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          lukaro Level 1
          Yes, I'm sure your correct in saying that it is a Firewall issue. Whatever type of outgoing FTP traffic Contribute is trying to generate when she clicks the publish button is being blocked either in the software firewall of the router or the hardware firewall. For some reason this is then affecting other TCP traffic locking the computer and internet connection.

          The solution is going to be to work out what type of FTP traffic Contribute is trying to send out and opening the relevant ports / holes in your firewalls. How you do this exactly I'm not sure, but here are some extracts from previous queries which might provide some clues:

          "He would have to enable port 23 (if you are using ftp to connect to your website) ... and he would have to enable incoming data from your web host."

          "I'm not sure if this will help you, we were experiencing a problem in our organisation, which also has a firewall on the network and everytime we tried to connect we kept getting cannot connect errors. The way we have worked around this is to assign static IP addresses to the people using Contribute and allow FTP access going out and in on the firewall for these IP addesses."