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    Reinstalling CS5 on new computers.. what do I need to do?


      Hi all,


      I've got the Production Premium 64bit CS5 Student version, everything installed, registered, and up to date.


      I'm looking to build a new computer (well, new motherboard, processor, and memory), this means I'll have to reinstall Windows 7 which will also take everything off my hard drive I assume (A good excuse for housekeeping I guess.)


      Anyway, what steps do I have to take to make sure I can reinstall my CS5 programs on my new computer?  I think it involves deactivating the account on my old computer, and then re-activating on my new one once it's built and all up and running, but what's the whole process?  Want to make sure I do it right! (And Legal!)


      Is there any point in backing up certain CS5 files, or is it best to just redownload the programs again (I'm on an uncapped BB account so it would just be the time it takes to download the new programs..)  I know that for example with Valve's STEAM system, you can copy a certain folder which contains all your game data, put it in the right folder on your new computer, and it means it won't have to re-download all your games again.  Is there something similar for Adobe CS5, or is it better to redownload the whole thing again to ensure there are no conflicts with the software being on a new computer?


      Basically, what's the whole process I should follow for reinstalling CS5 on a new computer I'm building?


      Many Thanks