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    Can MP4 files be extracted from Encore folders or image files?

    Blue_Devil1 Level 2

      Using Prem Pro CS5 with win7  16gb ram, etc.

      I've made a lot of DVD projects with older versions and always created either a folder or .iso file and burned with ImgBurn.  I no longer have the original files, but I want to make some videos for Vimeo from the folders or .iso files.

      There was an April 23,09 post by Jeff Bellune about using DVD decrypter and Encore 1.5.1 to extract files from the DVD.

      However, I was wondering if there is another more recent program or work flow to allow me to extract the files from the DVD and convert them to MP4's so I could put them on Vimeo?

      Or should I just try to go with DVD Decrypter?

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      John Rich