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    PE 7  Can't burn to blu-ray


      First, I'm not very good at searching on this forum so this issue may have already been addressed several times.


      Have been using PE for some time but recently get myself a blu-ray burner and I'm trying to burn a blu-ray disc without success.  Video I'm using have min editing done to it, mostly scene markers and an intro still.  When I go to share, the prgm sees both my DVD burner and the Blu-ray burner.  When I select blu-ray up pops the correct drive.  The prgm can tell the difference between the burner being empty and having a disc inserted.  When I select burn all appears to go well (other than time it takes to encode) until we've reached the point of actually writing to the drive.  Almost instantly things come to a halt with displayed message "device error".  Now seem to be dead in the water so to speak as I can't do anything other than cancel the burn.  Have tried using H.264 and MP2 encoding but has made no difference.  Hrs of encoding lost so to speak so trying different things really becomes time consuming.  Prgm doesn't give me any problems burning to SD DVD.  Latest firmware installed for the burner.  Can play a commercial blu-ray disc using the software that came with the drive (cyberlink blu-ray suite) Using this SW I've burnt a blu-ray data disc without any problems.  OS (Xp sp3) using manage disk drives, (computer management/storage/disk management) when a disk is inserted, the BR drive shows up, reports the drive is healthy and disk is blank.  Right now I'm lost as to how to proceed and determine what is causing the problem.  Any suggestions?  Boy, am I lost on knowing how to use this BB software. Please excuse the formating errors. No preview?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What operating sytem are you running? There could be a driver conflict if you're running this program on Windows 7 64-bit.


          Are you able to burn a DVD with Premiere Elements?


          Can you burn DVDs and BluRays with other software on your computer?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The first two things that I would check out with "Device Error," would be if there is a firmware update available for the BD burner (be very sure to read any installation instructions, as they differ from make to make and even model to model). Next, I'd look into the brand of blank media being used. What brand are you using, and is it actually blank?


            Both of those can often fix "Device Errors."


            If those do not fix things, then we will need more info, as Steve has begun asking.


            Good luck,



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              OregonWebfoot Level 1

              Man, this BB sowftware is killing me.  Tried twice to answer and both time said I was trying to post a blank message.


              1. Xp MCE sp3. This is a 32 bit OS


              2. Yes,  Thought I had mentioned that previously, guess not.


              3. Yes.  Mentioned previously that I had burnt a data disc to blu-ray drive/disc with no problems.  Firmware is up to date for the drive.  Yesterday was first time to try out the blu-ray drive/disc combo.  Made the data disc after a couple failures with burning in PE.


              Hope ths answers your questions.  Thanks for the response.

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                OregonWebfoot Level 1

                Auto firmware checker sw came with the drive.  It is reporting fw is up to date.  If updates are available, the update app take care of it, no intervention needed on this end.


                As for the discs, not name brand but purchased from NewEgg and they have a VG rating from customers.  The data disc I made was burnt at 6X with disc rated for 4X.  Looked at disk and saw nothing that gave me concerns.  Users are repoting burning these discs at 8X with sucess.  Normally I use Verbatim discs but wanted to get some experience with lower cost disks to begin with.  83% of users giving them a 5 start rating.  Some mentioning using these discs with same burner as I have.  This was a brand new stack of disc I started with.  Have tried using several disc from the stack with same result.  For these reasons I've not suspected the discs.  At this point I haven't a clue as to the problem but since the drive is recognized by the OS, other SW and PE, I'm not suspecting it is the drive and have doubts if it is the disks since I've burnt one disc with other sw without a hitch.  maybe I'm wrong.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Try a Verbatim BR disk. Their DVD quality is highly respected so it might be worth burning one BR just to be sure. You could also do a test using Verbatim BD-RE Blu-ray Rewritable.