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    Embed Flash/HTML, multiple files w/ continuous play

    Vytfla Level 1

      I'm trying to get a .swf (a game, with three total .swf files: main, title, game) onto my site and am having a problem. I understand how to actually do it and make it run (publish as HTML, copy/paste code in Dreamweaver, etc..), but my problem is having multiples .swf files and them not loading. When I embed code for one of the files, the page will play that .swf file and won't load the next .swf file (Main just contains a loader that loads title, Title will load the game .swf when prompted, Game will run). If I just 2x click the .swf files in my folder it will work, as will an .exe, but can I make it so each .swf file will play in HTML?