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    Revoke Computer Registration - HOW?


      Ok, got my wife a new ebook reader and installed Adobe digital edition on her laptop.  Now the Literati is really junk, so will be returned. Unfortunately, she activated the Adobe Digital Edition under her personal email and not the correct registration.  So the book she purchased is not usable.  I need to uninstall the Adobe Digital Edition and register under the correct ID.  The damn thing uninstalls but when re-installed keeps the old ID.  I've searched the registry and can't find an entry.  Deleted everything I can but the damn thing keeps seeing the old registration data.  This is damn stupid.


      How the heck do you totally REMOVE this software so it can be installed and registered correctly short of erasing the whole damn machine?


      Security is one thing but **** happens.




      Skip Stein

      Management Systems Consulting, Inc.