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    ADOBE -- Please note bugs in ActionScript 3.0 documentation

    One_Life Level 1

      1) When one selects a class to view, the Properties | Methods | Events | Styles | Effects | Constants | Examples   links at the top right, are getting pushed off the browser page (this happens in all Browsers, i.e. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer (7).


      2)  The spark.components and other spark classes do not show up in the latest version of Firefox, and also do not display in Adobe Community Help.  E.g. the link http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/spark/components/packag e-detail.html  lists no classes in Firefox 3.6.13, and also I find the Spark components cannot be seen in Adobe Community Help (even though mine is fully updated).  Perhaps this is related?


      3) When one selects Packages to see all classes in the left-hand column, if one clicks on a class, one leaves the all packages view, and is placed in the package for that given class.  This makes it really difficult to  "scroll" through various classes in the all Packages / Classes view, i.e. to simply click one after the other, and see if it is what you want.

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I'm running firefox and do not experience problem 1 and 2 that you describe.


          I'm not quite sure what your third issue is.  In my surfing it felt intuitive and selecting a class on the bottom left pane did not modify the top left or bottom left.

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            One_Life Level 1

            Hmm ... I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox and am still getting errors on Windows Vista.   Also tried my XP machine with the following errors:


            All from the primary Flex / AS link:  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/package-summary.html,


            1) If I select the first class in bottom-left-pane, the AAAARecord class, then the  "Properties | Methods" links in the upper right disappear off the page on all 4 browsers*.  I must stretch the window to 1350 pixels wide (across 2 monitors) before I can see these links.  Only in one browser out of 6**, Firefox on XP, do they display correctly in a normal sized / full screen window.


            2) Amazingly, in Vista / Firefox 3.6.13, after a reinstall, the first class listed is AbstractEventnot  AAAARecord.  The first 4 classes are missing.  If I go to the same link in Adobe Community Help -- i.e. search on ActionScript 3.0 Reference, and select the first result, now seeing the exact same URL as the one above -- the first class I see is Accessibility.   The first 19 classes are missing, and classes are missing throughout the bottom-left-pane.


            This does not happen in any other browser, but since I want to use Adobe Community Help, and Firefox is my main browser, it is problematic.


            3) When I select the AAAARecord class (or the first class that does appear), the bottom-left-pane does change in all browsers / all machines, leaving the All Packages view, such that the bottom-left-pane now displays:


               Package flash.net.dns classes



                ... (5 more).



            From what I understood you wrote, you are not seeing this?


            If this is indeed the intended operation, it makes scrolling through various classes nearly impossible.  With the left-bottom-pane getting switched out constantly, one continually loses track when attempting to scroll through various classes.







            * Vista Machine Browsers:  Firefox, Chrome, and Opera (all latest versions, just installed), and Internet Explorer 7.


            ** XP Machine Browsers:  FireFox latest version (3.6.13), and Internet Explorer 8.