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    ADE on my Velocity Cruz


      So I bought the Cruz for my wife for Christmas. I tried to buy the book she wanted from borders but for some reason it wouldn't allow me to do it via the app on the reader. It would just send me to a white page full of numbers and letters all mixed together on a white background it looked like a broken html on a website. Anyway after this having happened several times I thought I would just download it on my pc and transfer it over.


      At the time I had no idea about DRM files and what not. I thought I could download it and simply transfer it just like I would an mp3 or anything else I downloaded.


      Well today I have learned that Borders's ebooks are DRM protected which means that I need to be able to have ADE or a few other apps to view them.


      I have verified my pc with ADE but when I go to ADE's website on the Cruz Reader it tells me it can't download it I have tried several times and nothing is available.


      I have tried to download the txtr app as well in hopes that this would be able to help me in it.


      Hell I even tried to get into my borders account and download it from there but I can't find it in there either anymore.


      If anyone could help me get this dang file off my P.C and onto my reader I would be forever in your debt.


      Thank you