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    play and publish in netstream?


      Hello all,


      It's good to be here.

      I'm successful to write applications to:

      1. publish the attached-camera video to netstream with netgroup.

      2. play from the netstream


      My question is, how can I play (eg. ns.play(http://xxxx/a.mp4)) a stream from a website and publish it (the playing video) to another netstream at the same time?  Can anybody help?



      Kevin Kuei

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          wennycooper Level 1

          Too bad... No one answered...

          I think this is an important application.

          What I want is to use netgroup&netstream to form up an Peer-assistant network to delivery video content.

          The vodeo content file is located in a http server. One of the node in P2P network is progressively retrieve the content file (ns.play) and publish (ns.publish) to the group. Then another one of the node in the P2P network is to play the video file on screen.


          Hope someone can help me.


          Kevin Kuei

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            As far as I'm aware you can not currently do this with NetStreams as the required methods are not available. For data that doesn't use NetStreams to be transmitted amongst peers you can use a NetGroup, however the peers will need to obtain the data somehow. Either way, this is currently not a viable solution in my opinion.


            I asked a similar question in a discussion with a couple of questions related to my use of NetGroups for a multi user webcam chat. It be nice to have a server that could connect to a NetGroup like a normal flash player peer, so it can play and publish streams to the group. Then all the clients can publish the stream, using peer assistance to save bandwidth. However, I haven't had a response yet either, so am under the impression no such server exists.

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              take a look at Flash Media Server 4.