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    Getting rid of all Toolbars?




      at the moment I'm trying to embed 3dpdf into my own Visual Basic Applications. It's working well - only one thing annoys me.

      I'd like to only show the 3d Model without all the Toolbars, Sidebars, Modelhierachy and if possible even without any "rightclick" to prevent the user from changing anything but pan, rotate and scale! (it is possible to deactivate most of them manually - but that is not an option...)


      How can this be achieved?


      I'm don't think this is Visual Basic specific at all... Atm the PDF-File is embedded via COM - but there are no properties to get rid of the toolbars.

      Can I control this behaviour  directly from Acrobat when creating the files? (I dont own Acrobat - only using example files atm)


      Thanks for your suggestions


      kind regards




      PS: Here is a picture of the problem: I'd like to only show the model...