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    This file is set to be launched by this PDF file...


      We have an application that generates PDF files with clickable intranet links.  The links go something like this...


      http://server_name/reports/rwservlet?server=rep_exor_mid&module=I_DYNC_SGMT_DTLS_RPRT.rep& userid=&envid=EPFS&desformat=pdf&destype=cache&P_ASSD_I_DYNC_SGMT_ID=22690


      No matter what i've tried, in Reader 9.4, and X, I get the error message "This file is set to be launched by this PDF file.  This is currently disallowed by your system administrator."


      I know they've disabled access to clickable files within Adobe, but why can't I get an internal website to launch via link in Reader?


      Thanks in Advance.