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    On integration with website




      I need an advice. I have a flex application which connects to a flash media server. Now I want that this application be delivered over the web. So I have integrate this application with a web application.


      My question is that how to I connect to the flash media server. I mean, the web application will be hosted on a server whose IP I don't know, so the url for the flash media server cannot be hardcoded in the flex application. Also it will cause problem if I decide to change the host where the web application will be hosted.


      I am very new to this area so this might be a trivial problem.



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          Claudiu Ursica Level 4

          You can get the ip through flashvars. Whatever sever side language is used it

          can write that into the html.



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            saisri2k2 Level 4

            You need to find out the URL of the server? Since you are saying that the application will be deployed on a server, I'm expecting the Middleware and the flex aplication to be on the same server.


            In order to find the URL of the appication you can use the following every time,( where ever you deploy this application, you dont hav to worry about the URL) Ofcoz the result wil be something like


            http://someurl/path/file.swf     you have to tweak a little to this string to get the actual server url. Let me know if I did not understnd the question correctly




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