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    Changing focus - window issues and .chm

      Two questions:

      1) When choosing any mailto: or website link from a .chm, a new window opens, as expected, but the TOC changes to "hidden." When click anywhere in the Help window, the TOC shows. Going back and forth from the message window/website and the help file, you will see the behavior. Our QA flagged this as a potential issue.

      Is this the expected behavior? Or, is there a setting to prevent it from hiding? (I would like the Contents, Search, and Index tabs to show when the .chm is first opened.) However, I don't see the purpose of the Show/Hide being activated when changing focus.

      2) After opening a message window or web page from a .chm, the Help window remains on top of the message window/web page. The message window is indeed active for composing (is in focus), but it is often necessary to reposition the help window (which is annoyingly still on top of the new window) to be able to compose--same with being able to see the full web page.

      Again, is this expected? Is there a setting for having true focus -- not always having the .chm stay on top but go behind when you change focus to compose a message or view a web page that you have initiated from the .chm?

      Thank you very much for any tips you can suggest.

      -- Anne Jackson
      Sr. Technical Writer, SunGard
      Ann Arbor, MI