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    AIR Window cannot contain MenuBar's or ComboBox's (popups)? HELP!


      Hello all,


      Trying to use an AIR Window instance to show some content. Apparently, an AIR window cannot display pop-up content. In trying to add a child menubar (mx.controls.MenuBar instance) to the window, the menuBar simply fails to be displayed. Checking the parent, etc, shows that the menuBar IS the child of the window, it is visible, and has dimensions that should be shown. It simply does not show up in the window. Also, a combo-box is messed up. The button to drop-down the list does not appear, and so i can't get the drop-down box to show up. Why? This is madness.


      I suppose i might use a nativeMenu for the Window (assuming/hoping it will work) rather than the flex MenuBar, but what about ComboBox's. Can't use a combo-box in the window? Now wondering how other content may have problems (context-menus, other popups).


      Has there been any docs on this sort of thing. Couldn't find anything specifically for this type of error.


      Basically, Window's are somewhat useless if this is the standard behavior.


      Using FlashBuilder 4.Halo. Flex. Standard stuff. NO spark.


      Thanks much for any help!