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    onRelease Load Movie Clip

      Hey guys, I'm kinda new to Flash. I purchased a Flash template and am trying to modify it. The pages are actually movie clips. When you click on a button, the page slides out and another page slides in. I need to add this same function to other buttons that I've added (i.e. When a visitor pushes the "Read More" button it should load a certain page. I've been through the training book (Flash MX H.O.T. from Lynda.com) but it only seems to cover loading URL's or scenes, not pages that are actually movie clips. Can anyone give some assistance here, please.

      Your help is appreciated.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          i'm not sure anyone can help you unless you understood more about your template or someone else has the template.

          but, in general, if there's a movieclip in the library that you want to display on-stage you use

          1. attachMovie() and the movieclip's linkage id in as2

          2. the new constructor and the movieclip's class in as3.