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    Can't save anything from AE CS3

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      Hi I made a nice Heroes opening, and now I want to go to watch TV. I tried saving Project but after waiting for window to open I can't go any further. I tried to select another destination for file but the window freezes for a couple of seconds and when it comes back, it didn't choose desired destination. Ok, I can save to default location, I push Save button but nothing happens. I keep pushing, It does nothing. I get upset, and try to export a movie. Same thing but this time not only the window freezes, but  entire After effects. I can't describe how angry I am. I lost my work. This didn't happen earlier. Does it ave to do something about my Quicktime, or Windows 7? It never happened before.

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          Java_Junkie8121 Level 1

          Guess what: I tried to restart AE to do it all over again. It CRASHED!

          Lovely. Going to reinstall now, yeah, merry Xmas to me.


          Edit: Hey, I forgot to say it all happened after I tried to play RAM preview and hold . to play audio. Seriously, AE crashed because I tried to play audio.  This is kinda odd. And no, audio didn't play because it said something about my hardware not being connected properly.

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            It's more than slightly weird that people come up with a correct analysis of the cause and then draw the wrong conclusions... Reinstalling AE will most likely not at al lsave your problem. You have a bad audio driver or the audio files you are using are encoded with some odd CoDec, protected with some DRM scheme or generally conatin data or multiple channels not compliant with how AE expects audio.



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              Yeah, my brother edited it in a few programs, so I can't imagine how many times it was saved/converted. Anyway as soon as I woke up I started making that intro all over again. I'll be done soon (I hope). Thanks for the help