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    Share/Export problems

    seri_art Level 1

      Elements 9 Trial Version, Win XP system. My questions are about Share/Export.

      - I don't see a way to export an mp4 file. From the "Adobe Flash Video"  option, Advanced provides only FLV and F4V. From the "MPEG" option, the  Format drop-down in Advanced is disabled and specifies MPEG2 Blu-ray (it  produces an m2v file). (Vimeo doesn't accept either FLV, F4V, or m2v  files.)

      - I get no sound at all from the exported flv or m2v files. The sound is  fine when previewing (or whatever it is you do) in Elements.

      If it matters, my input to Elements is a 3-minute MOV file from a Kodak Zi8. Both  input and output are 1920x1080. I want to create output to (1) display  on my computer, (2) display on Vimeo, and (3) display on youtube.