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    Command line build asset replacement?


      Hi there,


      Inherited some flash widgets that are developed in .fla format and exported to .swf apps, using Flash Pro CS5.

      I have only limited understanding of AS3 or 4, flex and flash in general, but I'm quickly becoming dangerous.


      My bottom line problem is I need to find a command line tool to 'build' the .fla source into .swf entities.

      q1: are there any cmd line tools with the Flash Pro CS5 for such purpose?

      I cant seem to find any, but I may not be looking at the right places.


      I know there's such a thing as the Flex SDK, but what's under Flash CS5 at "Adobe Flash CS5\Common\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0\flex_sdk", doesn't seem to have anything useful in it, only a general flex library.


      Another requirement I need to solve is to create customer specific, purpose built versions of the widget.

      From the Flash IDE, I can figure out how to replace the background images, etc., but..

      q2: how can I do this at export/build time and later on, via the command line tool?


      Basically, a build/compile directive in source would allow the swf builder to replace a given image asset with the version I intend to build with.


      Hope I'm making sense and some of you kind people could help me out with the relevant info.




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          Andrei1 Level 6

          First of all there is no such thing as AS4 yet.


          Flex SDK is great for command-line compilations because it comes with its own compiler. Nevertheless, you cannot build SWF based on FLA using Flex SDK. To my knowledge, you have to physically open FLA file and emulate what you do when you do it manually. There are, perhaps, some JSFL manipulations involved. I saw it being done many times using Java.


          As I understand, Flash Builder comes with a framework that allows FLA based applications compilations. Hopefully it can be automated.


          Sorry, I cannot provide it with more details because I don't really know how it is done technically (I prefer not to use Flash IDE at all) - just letting you know that it is possible.


          Perhaps there is more expertise in this matter on Flex or Open SWF forums.

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            widgeteer Level 1
            First of all there is no such thing as AS4 yet.

            See, that's how ignorant I am..


            BTW, I could find a cmd line utility called FlashCommand: http://www.mikechambers.com/blog/index.php?s=FlashCommand+


            Unsure about its current status, but one major drawback, as I see it, is that it requires the Flash IDE installation for execution.

            As you said, mimicks what is done manually, using JSFL API's. Like I know what JSFL is, huh?

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              Andrei1 Level 6

              You are not ignorant but just starting :-)


              JSFL is JavaScript Flash IDE uses internally for managing UI, etc.


              Unfortunately there is no way around having Flash IDE installed on machines that automate Flash IDE based swfs (as far as I know which may not be enough).