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    What to do if you can't authorise your ereader


      I found myself unable to authorise my ereader - could authorise my desktop but not it. (And, thus, read my DRM protected book on my computer but not my ereader). Wouldn't authorise my ebook reader automatically etc, etc - despite all the posts assuring me it would etc, etc. Chatted to support - no solution from them about it. One of them suggested I log a tech report.


      So, I contacted Tech help and logged a report. The reply came back that my ereader is not supported by ADE! So, technically, I can't authorise ADE on my ebook reader and, thus, read the books I've purchased legally using their platform!


      I have found a way, however, to unlock the DRM (just look on the net!) and I can now read my purchased book on my ereader. This method, of course, allows piracy to occur but, to be clear, I am not advocating that. However, the method has allowed me to access my book.


      The instructions aren't always clear on the web - but I did find a thread on a site that was pretty simple to follow (in the end!). Email me at adedrmsolution@gmail.com and I'm happy to share it with you. I would rather share the information that way becuase, as I said, I'm not advocating piracy. But I am happy to use the method if it allows me to open my legally purchased books - at least till the day that Adobe supports my ebook reader!

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          Just letting you know there are some very happy individuals out there who

          can now read their ebooks!

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            Hi everyone


            As I say in this post, if you need help unlocking DRM (for legal purposes) just email me. I've helped a lot of people - but the requests have slowed down, and I don't check that account as often as I used to - but I will continue to do so from time to time.


            In the mean time, I thought I'd just cut and paste here what I tell people when they email me. (Just in case I don't check that account for quite a while!!


            The following instructions may look complicated - but they're not. Just take a deep breath, work though things step by step, and considerable joy will be yours (I still remember that moment when it worked, and I could read my ebooks.) As far as I'm concerned Digital Editions is a great product - there are just a few little issues involved!!


            All the best.


            Here are the instructions (which you'll find in many places on the web - my version just makes it a bit easier for you!!)



            I found the following two postings on (the one) web-site. You can probably unlock your ebook by using the instructions in either of them. However, I’ve put my own (I hope) absolutely fool-proof guide after them!


            The first posting said:


            Posting to help anyone out there:

            1. First I downloaded/installed python/pycrypto.
            2. Then I got ineptkey.pyw, ineptepub.pyw(for epub files) ineptpdf.pyw v2 (for pdf files) put all them into my digital editions directory.
            3. Ran ineptkey.pyw. It found the key and saved as "ADEPTKEY.DER " in the same directory where ineptkey.pyw is.
            4. Then, I ran ineptpdf.pyw (v2 worked fine). In the dialog window I put the path to the input file(the file was in the my digital edition folder) and named a file name for the outfile file.
            5. Voila DRM Free!


            The second posting said:


            First I came in here to thank you guys for helping me do this.

            Second, I found the instructions a little bit hard to follow. So I wanna make it easier for the next person. It was also hard enough to find this method. I've been searching for hours and looking for a simple program to do this.

            I will rewrite the steps and even include all the files I used. I'm on windows 7, 64 bit. However the file versions I used were 32 bit versions because I saw someone in this thread say to use those instead.

            1. All the files you need will be in the zip I'm about to link you to. Download this zip file:


            1. Install python by running python 2.71.msi (originally found @ http://www.python.org/download/)
            2. Run 'pycrypto-2.1.0.win32-py2.7.exe' (I had problems running the regular python files, so i downloaded the windows binary file for python 2.7 @ http://www.voidspace.org.uk/python/m...shtml#pycrypto )
            3. Find where your digital files are stored, in my case it was a pdf and it was saved in "C:\Users\ *YOUR_USER_NAME* \Documents\My Digital Editions" where *YOUR_USER_NAME* is the name of the admin account of your computer.
            4. Extract 'ineptepub.pyw', 'ineptkey.pyw' and 'ineptpdf74.pyw' into the directory from step 4.
            5. Run 'ineptkey.pyw'. It will find the key and write it to hard disk as "ADEPTKEY.DER " in the same directory.
            6. Since my file was a pdf, I ran the file 'ineptpdf74.pyw'. A popup will come up, now for the 'input file' find the pdf file (should be in the step 4 directory).
            7. Output file give it a name + a pdf extension, for example file.pdf
            8. And wa-la that's it. Hope that made it easier for you.


            My version is (just to repeat: follow these instructions. The previous two postings are, essentially, the same and have useful reference points in them – but I’m hoping the following version is really clear!}


            1. I’m assuming you have downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions – and that you’ve registered it with Adobe, and authorised your (probably) Desktop computer to be able to read DRM ebooks.


            1. I’m also assuming you have downloaded your purchased ebook and it’s sitting in your Adobe Digital Editions folder. The file location is likely to be in (something like!) “C:\Documents and Settings\Your_user_name\My documents\My Digital Editions” where “Your_user_name” is the name of the Admin account on your computer.


            1. You’ll find the files that you need (listed below) all over the web but “I love cabbages” weblog is a good place to start I found.


            1. Download, and install, Python 2.71 msi (or whatever version matches your platform) Note: you don’t actually open this programme in the process – the two “pyw” files (see below) use it!


            1. Downland, and install, Pycrypto (I used 2.1.0 win32-py2.7 – again, use whatever works for you!) Note: again, you don’t use this programme directly. Python and the two “pyw” files use it.


            1. Download (to your Digital Editions directory – see above!), and run, ‘ineptkey.pyw’ (Just Google for this  – you’ll find it easily enough on the web.) Note: When I found the file and opened it in my browser, I just waited a few moments and it seemed to select itself all by itself – maybe Python did this in the background! I then clicked the “download” button on the top right hand corner. It saves the data as a “pastie” named file. When you actually run this programme it will save a file called ‘adeptkey.der’ in your Digital Editions folder. You can’t necessarily (and don’t need to) open this file – the other “pyw” file (see below) uses the key recorded in this file to “unlock” your ebook (which your reader would do for you if Adobe Digital Edition would authorise it!)


            1. Download (again, to your Digital Editions directory), install and run “ineptpdf.pyw”. (Note: if you’re unlocking an epub file you do this step with “ineptepub.pyw” I was working on a pdf file – so I assume it’s all the same process if using an epub file.) Another note: again, Google will find this file for you. Mind you, I found it as a word pad/.txt document and had to save it as “ineptpdf.pyw” first to make it work. You may find a working version of the file without needing to do that – thought I’d mention what happened to me just in case.


            1. When you run ‘ineptpdf.pyw” a dialog window will open. (It’s using all the programmes/files you downloaded above!) The “input file” is the pdf file in your Digital Editions directory i.e. the ebook that you’re trying to unlock! Note: click the three dots/browse button to find the ebook. The “output file” is whatever you want to call your book (again, click the three dots/browse button to choose where you want to copy the book to) – remember to include the “.pdf” extension in the name.


            1. When you click “Decrypt” you should find an unlocked version of your ebook is copied to your Digital Editions directory. (That’s exciting when that happens let me tell you!) Plug your reader into your computer and copy the unlocked ebook to your ereader folder. And then read away!


            1. Hope these instructions are, in fact, absolutely fool-proof. If I’ve overlooked something please feel free to let me know!


            All the best.





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              thank you I been trying everything, Your like an angel